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Name:Lost In Translation
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Community description:A place to discuss, admire, and pick apart translations.

Lost In Translation is a place for producers and consumers of translations alike. Discuss the limits of translation, creative ways translators have found to bypass them (and what was lost anyway) or share awkward and funny mistranslations.

Ask for help with your particularly mean untranslatables to trigger a brainstorm, praise the great work someone has done translating a play on words, or rant about how they dubbed the latest episode of The Simpsons into German.

If, however, you just need some help translating a text that does not contain any noteworthy untranslatables, please check the various other communities dedicated to languages or translation. I'm sure someone will be happy to help you there. On the other hand, your posts are of course not breaking the rules if it turns out there is a simple translation of your supposedly untranslatable word or phrase. Sometimes you just don't see the obvious. Sometimes it's just not that obvious in the first place.

Naturally, the lingua franca of this community shall be any of the languages involved in the translation at hand.

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